Islander GL6-SA Ukelele - 0316191021101
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Islander GL6-SA Ukelele


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The guitarlele is a unique and fun instrument. This one is the size of a baritone ukulele and is tuned A-D-G-C-E-A, the equivalent of a guitar with a capo on the fifth fret. Great for the guitar player looking for an ukulele sound but using all the voicing and shapes they are used to. It would also be perfect for a ukulele player looking to learn guitar chord shapes and still have that sweet uke tone.

Many people have asked how this compares to other guitarlele aka guitar-lele’s on the market like the KoAloha or Cordoba or Yamaha. The main difference is that it is a baritone scale and body size and the others are all tenor size. The added 3″ of scale length and larger body size give more projection and a bigger overall sound. It also has more space for chording and many find it to be the most comfortable. Up until now it was a huge investment to enjoy a GL6. Now Kanile’a makes it at a price that’s hard to pass up!

As you go up the fretboard on the GL6, you get beyond the guitar in range, and bell-like tones ring out more like a piano than a guitar.

Bill Griffin notes, “It’s like a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret, however instead of having 7 or 8 frets left to the body, you have a full 16 frets to the body to go, so it allows guitarists to expand, not only their scale, but their creativity as well.”

We inspect each and every instrument we ship out for maximum playability. We adjust the action and adjust intonation when needed. If you would like a specific adjustment, just add it to your order notes and we would be happy to adjust to your liking.

The exact appearance of new instruments vary. These photos may not be of the actual instrument you will be receiving. Actual photos available upon request.



Spruce Top

Acacia Laminate Back & Sides

Black Bridge Pins

Satin Finish

Red Tortoise Binding Top & Back

Tortoise Rosette

NuBone Nut & Saddle

Open Geared Chrome Tuners

Case or Gig Bag Not Included